Incentives are a great way to encourage your community to donate to your campaigns! In this article, we will be covering Challenges and how you can use them to maximize your fundraising potential!

Topics Covered

  • What are Challenges?
  • Creating a Challenge

What are Challenges?

Similar to how Milestones can be used to challenge your community to hit a certain fundraising goal, Challenges allows you to create multiple goals for your community to try and hit. The main difference between the two is that while Milestones are dependent on your overall fundraising total, Challenges can set their own totals and must be donated specifically towards in order to complete their specific goal - allowing you to create multiple challenges at once and enabling your community to donate what they care about the most.

Create a Challenge

Navigate to the Incentives tab, click on "add incentive" and choose "Challenge"

Fill out the name, goal amount, and end date/time for the challenge! 

The end time allows you to set a cutoff time for donations, which is handy for marathon-type events that require setup/planning time in case a challenge is met. These timers in particular can also create a sense of urgency for donors - "You only have 10 minutes left to hit the challenge to unlock a blind Super Meat Boy Forever race and we still need $700 dollars more to make it happen!" is an excellent way to rally donations at the last second.


Challenges are often used during speedrunning events, but there have been very innovative uses of our challenge system by other campaigns. The ability to create challenge incentives for your community and allowing them to dictate what they really want to see can be a valuable asset in your fundraising campaign, so consider including Challenges in your next event!