A schedule can inform donors when you are streaming or when certain events are going to happen.  Setting up a schedule within the start and end dates of your campaign can help keep your fans informed.

Topics Covered

  • add a schedule item
  • delete a scheduled item
  • view your schedule

Add a schedule item

On your Campaign Dashboard, there is a tab called Schedule.  On that tab you will be able to add new events by clicking on the add schedule item button.  

Enter the Name of the Activity and Description of what is happening

Add the start time for your Event (and end time, if you want to give it a hard stop time)

And you're done! You can use the "add another" button to keep on scheduling away!

Edit or Delete a scheduled item

To Edit or Delete a scheduled item, use the Actions tab on the right-hand side of your lists of scheduled items and choose the option you wish to use.

Once you do, confirm your action by hitting the corresponding button

View your schedule

On your campaign page you will see a schedule button on the left side navigation bar.  Click on that button to open the full schedule.  

Some key features

  • search a schedule to find a specific event.
  • the current event will be highlighted.


You may want to post when your stream is going to be live or when you will have a special guest.  The options are only limited by your imagination, so keep your donors informed!