Team roles define the privileges you give to team members.  


Types of roles for a team

  • Owner: Manages all aspects of a team. Includes transfer of ownership and disbanding
  • Manager: Edit team campaigns and accept/promote new members
  • Member: No permissions.



Has full access to all features.  Is the only one who can create campaigns, change the team name, disband the team or delete campaigns.  

Unique Abilities: 

  • Change the team name/slug 
  • Disband team if: 
  • - No published campaigns 

  • - No supporting published campaigns 

  • Create a campaign
  • Delete/retire a campaign 
  • Make a Manager the new owner (transfer ownership)
  • Can Demote Managers to Members 



Team managers are able to do the following:

  • Edit aspects of the team*
    • They cannot disband or change the name of the team
  • Create and manage campaigns*
    • If the campaign is created by someone else, they are not able to do this
  • Invite and ban members
  • Assign the additional role [Team Campaign Creation]


No special access.  Can support private campaigns.  

Additional Roles

Team members now have an additional role assigned to them. This role is the Team Event Creation role. This role will allow the person to create events for the team. This role is independent of the manager or member role.

Team Statuses

  • Active: Team members that have been accepted to the team.
  • Pending: Requests made by users to join the team.
  • Invited: Members that have been invited to join the team but have not yet accepted.
  • Rejected: A user's request to join has been rejected.  In this state, they cannot request to join until the rejection is deleted.

Pending Requests

You can accept or reject a user request by using the to accept the user. You can reject the request by clicking on

Rejected Requests

You can delete a rejected request by clicking on.

Invited Members

To send a new invitation simply delete the current invitation and send a new invite.


Teams are a great way to run campaigns as a group.  With these simple roles, you can dictate who can manage the team while allowing others to simply participate as a member.

Owners and Managers can create and manage campaigns so be sure you trust anyone you make a manager.

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