Team roles define the privileges you give to team members.  

Types of roles for a team

  • Owner: Manages all aspects of a team. Includes transfer of ownership and disbanding
  • Manager: Edit team campaigns and accept/promote new members
  • Member: No permissions.



Has full access to all features.  Is the only one who can create campaigns, change the team name, disband the team or delete campaigns.  

Unique Abilities: 

  • Change the team name/slug 
  • Disband team if: 
  • - No published campaigns 

  • - No supporting published campaigns 

  • Create a campaign
  • Delete/retire a campaign 
  • Make a Manager the new owner (transfer ownership)
  • Can Demote Managers to Members 



Team Detail 

  • Cannot disband the team 
  • Cannot change the name/slug 
  • Can edit all other aspects of the team 
  • Can promote members to managers 
  • Cannot create campaigns 
  • Cannot delete campaigns 
  • Cannot retire campaigns 
  • Can update/access all other aspects of the campaign including incentives, images, desc., reports, etc 
  • Can ban members 


No special access.  Can support private campaigns.  

Team Statuses

  • Active: Team members that have been accepted to the team.
  • Pending: Requests made by users to join the team.
  • Invited: Members that have been invited to join the team but have not yet accepted.
  • Rejected: A user's request to join has been rejected.  In this state, they cannot request to join until the rejection is deleted.

Pending Requests

You can accept or reject a user request by using the to accept the user. You can reject the request by clicking on

Rejected Requests

You can delete a rejected request by clicking on.

Invited Members

To send a new invitation simply delete the current invitation and send a new invite.


Teams are a great way to run campaigns as a group.  With these simple roles, you can dictate who can manage the team while allowing others to simply participate as a member.

Owners and Managers can create and manage campaigns so be sure you trust anyone you make a manager.