So you decided to begin your fundraising journey! Let us help you by showing how to take your first step in that journey: creating your Tiltify Fundraising account!

Create an account

In order to create a fundraising account, head over to and click the “Sign Up” button in the upper right corner, then choose the FUNDRAISER/DONOR option. You will have the option to either sign up with email and password or through single sign on with Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Google, or Discord. You will be sent an email to confirm your account in order to fully enjoy all the features of your account!

Browser window with create a Tiltify account options of Fundraiser/Donor and Cause.Tiltify account creation options of email and password or continue with Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Google, or Discord.

Donor Account Dashboard? 

When you enter your donor account dashboard, you will have two options: “My account” and “Become a Fundraiser!” To continue your journey on the path of becoming a fundraiser, complete the information in the “Become a Fundraiser!” section to enjoy all of what Tiltify has to offer!

Donor account dashboard with buttons to the My Account and Become a Fundraiser buttons.

Become a Fundraiser!

Upgrading from a donor to a fundraiser account is as simple as completing as much as this form as you can and clicking the “upgrade account” button! Can’t fill everything in? Don’t worry about it! What you enter here will appear on your profile page, so be you! Once you have upgraded, you will have access to the complete fundraiser dashboard as well as the ability to create fundraising campaigns, create or join a team, and more! You have just taken your first step in the wide world of fundraising!

Become a Fundraiser form with fields to fill out such as a Bio and social media usernames.