StreamElements, an all-in-one set of tools for content creators to level up their livestreaming game, have created their own integrations with Tiltify so you can use their tools to level up your charity fundraising game!

Here is a short walk-through to show how easy it is to set up. 

**NOTE: Tiltify does not manage or maintain the StreamElements integration. For troubleshooting or issues, please contact their support!



The following walk-through will help you set up your StreamElements account with Tiltify.

Step 1 - Log in or Create a StreamElements Account

Go to StreamElements at

If you already have an account, login (top right) and go to step 2.  

Otherwise create a new account (by clicking login and then following new account prompts) then proceed to step 2.

Step 2 - Connect your Tiltify Account to StreamElements

Click on your account --> integrations --> Tiltify --> Connect (and authorize) so StreamElements can register whenever your campaign receives a donation!

Step 3 - Build/Edit your Overlay

Go to "My Overlays" and click the "edit" icon next to the overlay you want to use.

Under "Widgets", you will see two different options you can use:

- Tiltify Donation Alertbox: Provides pop-up notifications whenever people donate to your campaign (these come with ready-to-use alerts in case you're wanting to get to the fundraising action ASAP - but can completely customize these alerts to suit your liking!)

- Tiltify Donation Tracker: Provides a progress bar for your entire campaign!

*We suggest having the Alertbox at the very least as these pop-up notifications are a great way to incentivize donations to your campaign - but we will outline both widgets below!

Step 4 - Setting Up your Alertbox!

For the Alertbox, you can edit the image/video and even upload your own sound clip for your alerts that trigger whenever a donation is made. You can even edit the message that appears under the alert in case you want to phrase things a certain way! Tons of options so you can make your alerts the way you like them :)

Step 5 - Setting Up your Donation Tracker

As for the donation tracker, you can choose any campaign that your linked Tiltify account is in control of - once you do, it will reflect the amount raised and the total goal amount.

You also have the ability to edit the donation goal bar title, coloring (to fit your/the charity's branding), and more!


StreamElements is a great all-in-one service that provides chat bots, statistics, and a plethora of overlay solutions for your broadcasts – and with their integrations with Tiltify, you can now make your fundraisers even better as well! Thank you to StreamElements for integrating with our platform, and if you have any feedback for them, click the blue "Help" button in the bottom right of your dashboard and leave them a message!

Want to find other people fundraising with Tiltify? Head over to our official Discord!

Need to start your fundraising journey? Head to to create your first campaign and support the cause you care about today!