Users can create rewards to incentivize donors during a campaign.

Reward Types

Rewards can be used to incentivize viewers to engage and donate to your cause during the campaign.  Choose a reward type and have fun creating new and unique incentives.


Products are physical items that you are willing to offer to donors for a fixed donation amount.  If the item must be shipped you are responsible for completing the obligation to the donor.

Use the 'Reward Shipping Notes' section to request information like 'Please enter your shirt size: M L XL'.

Physical Challenge

Physical Challenges are rewards where the streamer engages with the user in some fashion.

Gameplay Reward

Gameplay rewards are game related rewards that the streamer will engage or perform for their viewers if a donation is made. 


Reward Unlocking

Reward unlocking allows users to create rewards for their campaigns that unlock after a designated amount of time.

To use this feature, start by unchecking 'Always Active?', and a Start Time will appear.

If you change the start time to a later date, the campaign page will update and show a countdown for when the reward will be enabled.
(Note: Start Times are in EST by default. If you change your time zone settings in your user account settings, it will update any existing rewards and be in your current time zone)

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