What is the Tiltify Angel Program?

The Tiltify Angel Program was created to help bring additional funds to great charities.  The program does this is 2 ways.

a) Bring in additional funds from Angel Donors who are individuals and corporations who have committed to helping charities through Tiltify.
b) Incentivize fundraisers on Tiltify to raise additional funds for their charities utilizing the funds from the Angel Donors to augment their fundraisers.

The idea behind the Angel Program was to help our fundraisers and charities by bringing in these Angel individuals and corporations to add to their overall fundraising efforts.  These funds will be used in various ways on Tiltify which will be announced when an Angel Program is running.  This could be used in various ways such as giving top fundraisers for a Tiltify based program additional donations for their fundraiser or giving additional funds to top charities fundraised for, during a specific time period.

If you are a corporation or individual who is interested in contributing to the Angel Program, please send an email to contact@tiltify.com with the subject line "Angel Program".

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