How to let Supporters Fundraise for your Team

If you're team is fundraising for an campaign you can allow supporters to fundraise with you.

To start, you will need to have created a team, which you can do in your User Profile by clicking the Create Team button.  You can also do this while creating a campaign as well.

If you are signing up for a particular campaign such as Operation Supply Drop's 8-bit Salute or St Jude's Play Live, you would go to those pages and click to start a campaign. From there, you will select your team (or create one) and then edit and launch your Team Campaign.

NOTE: Under the PUBLISH section in your edit screen for this campaign you will see a TOGGLE under SUPPORTING CAMPAIGNS.  Make sure you Toggle the PUBLIC button or people who are not official team members cannot create a Supporting Campaign.  If you don't want to allow the public to create campaigns, then leave the Toggle off.

Once this is done, make sure you PUBLISH your campaign.

Now you can go back to your Team Page and you will see the Team Campaign you created with a button that says, SUPPORTING CAMPAIGN beside it. 

Anyone who clicks on this button will create a Campaign to support the total of your Team Campaign.  The Supporting Campaigns will also be organized by top fundraisers.  You can also post the URL to join your campaign which will be:

This URL will take anyone directly into the campaign creation process.

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