OBS Dashboard Guide

Open Broadcaster Software Setup

Note: OBS by default does not have a browser plugin installed, which is required to use the dashboard overlay.

You can find the most compatible browser plugin here.

After that is done installing, you must restart OBS if it was already open.

STEP 1: To get started create a new browser source


If you do not see BrowserSource, make sure you downloaded the Browser plugin above and/or restart OBS to make sure it picks up the new plugin.

STEP 2: By Default, you should see the following window:

STEP 3: Change the URL field with the provided overlay URL

NOTE: THE URL YOU USE IS IN YOUR CAMPAIGN EDIT SCREEN ON THE TOP RIGHT and ADD overlay/dashboard to it.  The overlay WILL NOT work with the URL you see your campaign at due to our current update.

The url should be something like http://tiltify.com/events/your-campaign/overlay/dashboard

http://tiltify.com/events/your-campaign is the url of your campaign.

STEP 4: Change the width to your stream width 

For 720p Streams set your width to 1280.
For 1080p streams set your width to 1920.  

Height should be no less than 70 to avoid issues. 

You can go larger/smaller depending on your ideal setup. Just note that the overlay is built for your maximum screen/stream width.

STEP 5: Click OK! Thats it!~

You should now see the overlay on your stream setup - It will automatically get donation data directly from your campaign!


Advanced Customization

Custom Skinning

OBS on windows allows you to edit CSS for the loaded dashboard. Below is a simple reference of the CSS you can change.

If you're tech-savvy enough, you can simply visit the url and check the inspector for other CSS you can modify to fit your needs

.dashboard-wrapper {
  background-color: #222; // For the main background color
  color: #FFF; // For main text
.dashboard-wrapper .label {
  color: #CCC; // Change the lighter text label color
.progress-bar-wrapper .progress-bar {
  background-color: #069; // Change the progress bar color

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