What is Tiltify?

Tiltify is the first crowdfunding platform designed for gamers to raise money through their streams, for their favorite causes.  Tiltify allows users to build campaign pages where it is easy to create rewards, take donations, explain your schedule and goals, and share with your friends.

What is a Tilter?

A Tilter (a user of Tiltify) is a person who uses their game playing for social good.

Is there a cost to sign up?

No!  Joining Tiltify is 110% free for Tilters and Causes (we have special powers here that allow us to exceed 100%)

Do I have to be a member to watch campaigns, explore the site, or donate?

Nope.  You can look around, donate, view and check out the fun without being a member of Tiltify…though we do hope you can join our community!

Why do I have to enter my birthday?

In order to make sure we are complying with the laws of various counties and universes around the galaxy we need to know your birthday.  But it is kept completely confidential.

One I enter my username, can it be changed?

No.  Each username is unique and once your username is set, it cannot be changed.

How do I contact you with questions or feedback?

Click on the question mark (?) on the lower right of any page to send us feedback or ask up a question.  You can also email us at contact@tiltify.com.

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