What is a campaign?

A campaign is the event you create to fundraise for your favorite charity. While our website and services can be used as an online donation collector for offline events, a huge majority of our services will be used as online fundraising events by content creators all around the world!


From 6 hour livestreams to 10-day-long marathons, creating a Tiltify Campaign will allow you to create a page that has your Livestream, Fundraiser Goal Amount, Schedules, Milestones, Challenges, Polls, Rewards, and Donation Messages all available on one, convenient page!


You do not have to include all of our features in your campaign! The only requirements for starting a campaign are the Campaign Details: Choosing a Cause, stating if the campaign is an Individual or Team Campaign, Choosing a Start and End Time, setting a Fundraiser Goal Amount, and Naming Your Campaign!


Tiltify is all about enabling content creators to “interact with their communities for the causes they are passionate about” - so, for livestreamers, it is important to have the content they are creating on the same page where donations can be made towards whichever cause they choose.

By adding your livestream to your campaign page, you allow the viewing experience of your charitable content to be inches away from your schedule, goals, challenges, etc. rather than being multiple clicks away, which separates the content from the donation process and, essentially, “ruins the immersion” by making it more difficult to donate to what they are watching.

We are currently integrated with the following livestreaming platforms: Twitch, MLG, Hitbox, YouTube, and Beam.

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