Adding Milestone Goals

All campaigns require a goal to fundraise toward - it allows viewers to know what the campaign host is trying to raise by the end of their event. However, one way to encourage hitting the final goal is by providing milestone goals - goals that exist throughout the journey towards that final goal, where the host(s) will do something once they reach a certain amount of money raised - almost like mini goals, side goals, or progress goals!

They can be silly, serious, or potentially unlocking something to happen later on - but whatever the case may be, milestone goals are incredibly effective for successful campaigns! Once you add the various milestone goals to your page, they will appear as little bubbles in your donation bar on the campaign page where people can hover over and see - and the next milestone goal in particular will be shown right under that same donation bar.

You can also add milestone goals past your original goal to act as stretch goals - the “okay, just in case we get this far…” goals for your community to truly reach for. These should be goals you’d normally “never” do so they can act as the ultimate “if you really want it, you gotta dig deep and support” rewards that the entire community can work towards.

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