Schedules allow you to add a timeline for your fundraising campaign.

For smaller, individual campaigns, schedules can give viewers (and potential donors) an idea of what to expect during the livestream; whether it is a list of games they’re playing, or just knowing how long the campaign is going to run, schedules can be a useful tool for those wanting to provide a bit more info to campaign seekers.

For larger, potentially marathon-esque campaigns, schedules can help viewers find out when their favorite broadcasters will be on or when their favorite games will be played. If a viewer has a Tiltify account, the schedule will also localize to display the schedule in the viewer’s time zone (so no math or conversions necessary!). So while smaller events can get by with a lack of a displayed schedule, larger events can definitely take advantage of this built-in feature. Want to learn more? Check out this how to:

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