Starting a Campaign

When starting up a campaign, there are so many tools you can use in order to set yourself up for success, such as adding milestone goals and rewards/incentives for people to donate to your cause - but before you do that, you have to establish the 5 W’s of your campaign: the Who and What (is it for), the When (is it taking place), the Where (can we watch this event), and potentially the Why (are you doing this event in the first place).

The Who and What - Once you start a campaign, you are given a list of causes that are already set up to be fundraised for on our platform. They are listed in alphabetical order in the drop-down window, or you can start typing the name of the charity into the bar in order to find them in our system. The “Fundraising Events” tab is for charities (or individuals with a lot of ambition) that might have a special event going on that you are looking to be part of (e.g. A month-long fundraising challenge).

*If the charity you want to fundraise for is not in our system, let us know! There are millions of charities in the world, but we cannot add them all to our website at once - so reach out to us so we can contact the charity and get the necessary details in order to add them to our platform.

The When - Your event might be a one night, 6 hour extravaganza - your event might be a 168 hour marathon - whatever the case may be, setting the start and end times for your event will let people know when they can tune in! (Offline info - including offline images and descriptions will help as well)

The Where - This will be covered more under “Adding Offline Info”, but linking your campaign to your online platform that you plan on hosting the campaign on (e.g. Twitch, YouTube, Beam, etc.) will allow people to know where they can tune in - and it will add that video feed to your final campaign page so they can tune in directly from our Tiltify page.

The Why - Many campaigns start with a story - and that story can be as important, if not more important than the content being created for the campaign. This is typically seen in the campaign description, but there is also an option to upload an offline video, which can tell that story to folks prior to the campaign that visit your page.

Once you finish your campaign checklist and hit save, you will then have access to other tools that you can start building, including: making a schedule, providing rewards/incentives, and creating milestone goals.

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