Challenges are mini-goals or unlock-able incentives that can be set prior to, or even during a campaign. These widgets will appear immediately under the Progress Bar of your Tiltify campaign page, where donors can donate directly to the various challenges that have been set. Have something super cool you can do/would only do for a charitable event? CHALLENGE them to make it happen!

These can take the form of unlock-able requirements for a segment (ie. doing a 100% speedrun instead of an Any% speedrun, or activating controller cam during a hand-intensive game), bonus content for the event (ie. a bonus race between top contenders in a specific game tacked on to the finale of the event), or just something adorable (ie. Who wants to see *insert broadcaster here* stream normally? Have them throw on that adorable panda Kigurumi!)

Here’s how to set up your challenges:

Under the Incentives → Challenges tab, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Amount [The amount of money required for this challenge to be unlocked]
  • Name [What is the challenge going to unlock? Tip: For larger, multi-person events, it might be easier to list the broadcasters’ name first, followed by the unlock!]
  • Ends at [At what time does this challenge have to be met by? Keep in mind, these challenges will list in order of time remaining, not in the order you add them into your campaign]

After these challenges are added (and saved), you will have the option to toggle them on and off (just in case you want to prepare some of these ahead of time, but don’t want them known to the public just yet!). Keep in mind that the order you see on your dashboard is the order you put these challenges in! On your Tiltify campaign page, they will auto-order according to time remaining (so the challenges running out of time will be at the top of the list, whereas others will be lower down — but they can still be donated towards, as long as they are set to active!)

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