Polls is a feature that will allow you to add a bit of voting flare to any of your campaigns. Whether it is a segment during a marathon or a 24 hour broadcast, finding ways to implement polls into your charity fundraiser will allow donors of all shapes, sizes, and dollar amounts count towards something!

After selecting the Polls section under Incentives, you will be asked to provide a name for your poll and up to 5 options for donors to choose from.

Once completed, your poll will now be toggle-able between inactive (default) and active — just in case you want to pre-plan these polls and switch them on for your campaign with the click of a button.

Whenever your polls are active, they will appear on your Tiltify campaign page, similar to the one above! Donors will also be reminded that there are polls that they can put their donations towards in case they are sent directly to the donation page or they click the “donate now” button in the top right of any campaign.

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