Stream Labs Integration

 Streamlabs Integration with Tiltify

Streamlabs has made it even easier to integrate their streamer tools (pop-up notifications and event lists, in particular) into your Tiltify charity campaigns!


Once you sign in, on the left-hand side you will see a bunch of options, including the integrations tab.

Under integrations, there will be an option to link your Tiltify account to your Streamlabs account.

Once you link your accounts, it will automatically detect donations for your most recent campaign. If you would like to choose a different campaign, click manage and select accordingly.

Under “Alert Box”, you should see a tab for Tiltify Donations (Bottom right of this image). This is where you can edit the pop-up notifications to your liking!

The “Test Tiltify Donations” button above will test the Alert Box so you know exactly how your alerts will look during your broadcast.

Streamlabs has also made their event list available so you can have a pseudo ticker running on your overlay.

You can either integrate it into your every day ticker so it can also track your follows, subscriptions, etc. in addition to your Tiltify donations OR you could set it to only show your Tiltify donations and use it as a pseudo-donation ticker!

John is a very generous person…

We want to thank Streamlabs for making our Tiltify integration with them better than ever! With these tools in your hands, we cannot wait to see all the amazing fundraisers (and notifications) you can come up with!

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